Frequently asked questions and answers

Enquiries & Getting Started

How do we get started?

After receiving an enquiry we will get in contact and arrange a non-obligatory video call to talk through your requirements and find out a little more about your business. At this stage we can discuss initial hours for your first month with us.

If you are happy at this point to proceed with our virtual business support service, we will send a couple of essential documents for reading through and signing, then arrange any communications required for task handover of the bits we will be starting on.

What should I consider when deciding what level of support I need?

Lots of admin tasks are suitable to be outsourced and your needs will be unique to you and your business. Ultimately we are here to save time and add value to your business, so it is definitely worth considering what type of task you need taking off your hands or require additional support with.

We’re happy to be ‘tried and tested’ with a job of any size (one-off or regular), and additional tasks can be added or changed as we continue to work alongside you. We also have an extremely flexible model of service provision, so while you would need to consider whether to opt for a monthly package for your first month or to start with a few ad hoc hours to get going, the level of support we provide thereafter can be tailored as required.

Working With YBE

What makes Your Business Efficient different?

We have a substantial amount of technical experience under our collective belts and have problem-solved for a variety of businesses throughout our careers.

Throw in our transferable skills from retail management and web development, and we believe we have the perfect blend of expertise to provide creative solutions alongside our dedicated services to new and growing businesses.

How do we stay in touch while you work on my business admin tasks?

We can communicate through email, phone, text, letters, ravens… whichever suits your schedule best. Similarly, we ask for your preference on frequency of communications.

We do provide any updates on tasks that we feel are necessary in the provision of our service, and the level of correspondence will ultimately depend on the detail in the task(s) involved.

How quickly do you respond to calls and emails?

Generally we will respond within 2 hours during working hours (9am-5pm Monday to Friday). Responses may occur outside of these hours, but should not ordinarily be expected.

What are the turnaround times for work?

This highly depends on the work involved, however our virtual admin support revolves around communication and flexibility, meaning we focus on what you need and when you need it. We always ask about your timescales and provide updates as required on the tasks we are undertaking.

How do you log your hours?

We use time tracking software, which we start and stop when working on tasks. These time logs are then rounded to the nearest 5 minute interval and added to a monthly timesheet with a description of what has been worked on within the time logged.

At the end of each month you will receive this timesheet, giving you a full breakdown of who has worked on what.

Are you personally doing the work or is it being subcontracted out?

An employee or director of Your Business Efficient will complete the tasks that we discuss in our initial consultations. We are a trading division of Appetising Development Ltd and may refer more bespoke website development/software setup jobs to this division in order to provide you with a tailored one-off fixed fee piece of work.

Fees & Billing

Are there any set up costs?

We simply charge for the hours we work on or for your business. There are no hidden costs or set up charges.

If you require any additional software or email accounts that are specific to your business (e.g. you wish for us to use a generic email account on your domain) there may be an additional charge to you through your provider or third party developer.

Do you invoice upfront or on completion of work?

For regular tasks we recommend paying for hours upfront, via one of our monthly packages, as these provide a cheaper hourly rate.

Alternatively hours can be requested on an ad hoc basis, which are then billed at the end of each calendar month in which they are worked.

Do you charge for communication or general admin time?

We include a free 30 minute call every month in which you request work from us, (either through a monthly package or as ad hoc hours) to support our delivery of services to you. Outside of this, any time spent communicating tasks, timescales, asking questions needed to carry out our services, or logging in to client-specific accounts, are chargeable.

We include all tasks and hours worked on itemised timesheets, which we provide at the end of each month, but we do not charge for our time spent filling in these timesheets or sharing them with you.

Changes to Services

What happens if I need to change or add to the tasks you are working on?

Changes to the tasks we are working on will naturally be made during the course of our provision of services, and can be communicated with us at any time. We will always advise up front whether a new requested task is within our remit and discuss how many hours will be required to cover the related work.

What happens if I need to make changes to the amount of support you are providing?

Changes to hours depends on whether you have opted for a monthly package or ad hoc hours. For ad hoc hours, we only work on tasks as requested and bill for these hours in arrears at the end of each month. We can provide weekly updates to help you understand how many hours are being worked on the tasks requested and we can work to a capped number of hours if required.

If a monthly package has been paid for, we will ask towards the end of the ‘paid for’ month if you wish to purchase the same monthly package for the next month.

How much notice would I need to give to stop using your services?

We offer as much flexibility as we can in the provision of hours worked so hours can be dropped or increased per month as required (subject to our availability).

If you don’t request any billable task support from us for two consecutive calendar months we will consider our contract terminated. At our absolute discretion we may keep the contract going on a ‘nil hour’ basis for more than two months if requested.

Admin Services

How can I decide which admin tasks to outsource?

We can best answer this after a collaborative discussion, but a good starting place is to consider which tasks eat up the most of your time and which tasks you enjoy the least. Over time our support services can be expanded as your business grows in order to improve your business efficiency.

What type of office administration tasks can you help with?

Lots! We do email inbox and calendar management, cloud based filing, document formatting, task management and reminders, data entry… If you need support with a specific task not listed, get in touch and see if we can help.

We cannot provide legal or financial task assistance, such as writing contracts or bookkeeping.

What type of project admin support can you provide?

Acting as your personal project admin assistant we can help with the research behind the project, mapping out processes and keeping everyone on track with tasks and due dates. Depending on the scope of the project we may be able to recommend and support with useful software that will enhance your team’s efficiency and collaboration.

Are projects charged as one-off fixed fee pieces of work or at an hourly rate?

All our virtual admin support services are charged for at an hourly rate, either as part of a monthly package of hours or as ad hoc support. This enables us to provide our services in line with your budget and ensure we always work on your priorities.

Tech Services

What website support can you provide?

We can help with adding content to CMS websites like WordPress, making edits to site builder websites like Wix, researching and providing options for website enhancements like integrating a bookings plugin, and creating bespoke user tutorials.

Plus, we are a trading division of Appetising Development Ltd who offer a full suite of website development and management services.

Can you help me look into potential software solutions to introduce into my business?

Through our virtual administration support service, we offer online research which can be used to look into a range of solutions and how they could benefit your business based on your personal requirements. We will dig deep to find the information that is important to you for your consideration and concisely highlight our findings for your review.

What factors do you consider when looking at applications as a potential solution?

While obviously driven by the functionality, our research will primarily be based on your requirements and what is important to you (for instance do you have a maximum budget, need a simple user interface etc), along with considerations such as security, longevity of the provider, and future expansion.

Can you help me transition my business to a new process?

Absolutely! We can help with trials, setting up with a new solution, integrating with apps for additional productivity. And along the way we can provide user tutorials or one on one support to help you find your way round the new way of working.

Are you affiliated with any of the providers that you recommend?

We have no affiliation with any software or app developers (except our own company Appetising Development of course!) and strive to give you an unbiased comparison of a variety of available solutions for your specific process challenges.


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