Process Automation

Process Automation

Process automation, in short, is the minimisation of human input.

We don’t believe this equates to minimising the valuable human presence in a workforce. We think it’s a means to do more of what you’re skilled at, more of what makes you profit and more of what you enjoy.

Let’s Make Automation Work For You


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Through our virtual support service we can research options based on your bespoke requirements and provide you with an easy to understand comparison report of options for your consideration


With our tailored-to-you support service we’ll help get you fully up and running with your chosen solution, trial the functionality and provide training for your end users


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There are many reasons why businesses could benefit from automating their processes

Process Automation can…

Save You Time

Any automation should shave significant time off previous manual processes, which in turn delivers a cost saving. After all, would you gain more from spending your hours on laborious admin or using your honed skills to generate income?

Boost Your Mood

There’s always that task that no one wants to touch – whether it’s calculating invoices at the end of the month, planning your team’s logistics week by week, or filing away never-ending piles of paperwork. What if there was a way that most of this load could be taken off you?

Improve Accuracy

Using computer algorithms will drastically reduce the scope for errors. Tired minds are often inconsistent, but thankfully software doesn’t need sleep or coffee to run efficient monotonous processes over and over again. How useful would that be?

Our Passion for Productivity

We understand the importance of productivity in a growing business and so we strive to alleviate the administrative overload that hinders business owners from focusing on their income-generating activities.

Moreover, we are committed to embracing advancements in technology and exploring opportunities to streamline monotonous tasks and automate processes.

All About You

App Categories That Can Support Your Business Productivity

The Process of Process Changes

Virtual Solutions Research

Before You Dive In…

Given the rapid development of new and existing applications, thorough and effective research has never been more important.

While it may initially feel like a monopoly of your time trawling through site after site, watching demos, breaking down pricing structures and comparing features, this work is vital to the successful launch of any new software.

When contemplating a new app or automation solution, it’s useful to consider what manual tasks are grinding down your productivity, where the majority of your non-billable hours are spent, what budget you have available, and how much you could make back in additional income with the hours saved.

The Bigger Picture…

A very feature heavy app may seem appealing at first glance but if the majority of the features aren’t relative to your day-to-day operations you could be forking out unnecessarily.

By contrast, a solution may seem pricey initially, but what if it had the capacity to take on more of your tasks and save significant manpower hours?

It’s also essential to look closely at what is included if tiered packages are on offer. How might the limitations affect you down the line; would a basic package give you enough flexibility to trial and familiarise before investing in more functionality?

Web App Research
Brief new automated process

Making the Change…

Once you’ve chosen a new problem-solving app, you’ll probably be itching to get it up and running.

We recommend thinking about how to go about this during the research stage – not only as it may influence your decision in taking out a subscription but also to help prepare you for the implementation. You’ll want to take into account any time restrictions, user concerns, potential conflicts with current practices, and plans for future expansion.

Even with ample research and careful consideration, integrating any new procedure into your business’ operation requires planning, patience and continuous review. Initial setup, tailoring to suit requirements, ironing out any hiccups, adapting current practices, and training the team are all big parts of the conversion.

How We Can Help You

If you’re looking to introduce a new app or adapt to an automated process, speak to Your Business Efficient to see how we can help

Virtual Administration Support

We can provide you with unbiased research on potential solutions, using your bespoke criteria to explore how available apps match up to your specified requirements, or to suggest new optimised workflows for your current processes.

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website integrations

With our website development background, one big way we can help your business is through website integrations, designed to incorporate automated processes into your site.

From appointment booking functionality to full online shop integration, there are many solutions and opportunities out there to make your website do more.

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Appetising Development - ux web design swindon

Our company, Appetising Development Ltd, can handle the full process of launching and maintaining a business website, from design through to hosting and aftercare support.

With a proven background in supporting startups and SMEs, they assist with thoughts for scalability, provide opportunities for useful integrations, and help with growing online presence all while delivering a stylish, secure site that brings the look and feel of your business to life.

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What makes Your Business Efficient different?

Through our virtual admin support service, we offer online research which can be used to look into a range of solutions and how they could benefit your business based on your personal requirements. We will dig deep to find the information that is important to you for your consideration and concisely highlight our findings for your review.

What factors do you consider when looking at applications as a potential solution?

While obviously driven by the functionality, our research will primarily be based on your requirements and what is important to you (for instance do you have a maximum budget, need a simple user interface etc), along with considerations such as security, longevity of the provider, and future expansion.

Can you help me transition my business to a new process?

Absolutely! We can help with trials, setting up with a new solution, integrating with apps for additional productivity. And along the way we can provide user tutorials or one on one support to help you find your way round the new way of working.

Are you affiliated with any of the providers that you recommend?

We have no affiliation with any software or app developers (except our own company Appetising Development of course!) and strive to give you an unbiased comparison of a variety of available solutions for your specific process challenges.


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