Our Pricing for Virtual Admin Support

With either a package of set hours for a month, or opting for ad hoc assistance as things crop up, we offer ultimate flexibility in the supply of our services.

10 Hour Package

£ 280 .00

per month

  • Hours reserved in advance
  • Equivalent to £28 per hour
  • No obligation to renew

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20 Hour Package

£ 500 .00

per month

  • Hours reserved in advance
  • Equivalent to £25 per hour
  • No obligation to renew

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Ad Hoc Support

£ 30 .00

per hour

  • Billed in arrears
  • Flexible hours as needed
  • No commitment

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How It Works


Are there any setup costs?

We simply charge for the hours we work on or for your business. There are no hidden costs or set up charges.

If you require any additional software or email accounts that are specific to your business (e.g. you wish for us to use a generic email account on your domain) there may be an additional charge to you through your provider or third party developer.

Do you invoice upfront or on completion of work?

For regular tasks we recommend paying for hours upfront, via one of our monthly packages, as these provide a cheaper hourly rate.

Alternatively hours can be requested on an ad hoc basis, which are then billed at the end of each calendar month in which they are worked.

Do you charge for communication or general admin time?

We include a free 30 minute call every month in which you request work from us, (either through a monthly package or as ad hoc hours) to support our delivery of services to you. Outside of this, any time spent communicating tasks, timescales, asking questions needed to carry out our services, or logging in to client-specific accounts, are chargeable.

We include all tasks and hours worked on itemised timesheets, which we provide at the end of each month, but we do not charge for our time spent filling in these timesheets or sharing them with you.

How do you log your hours?

We use time tracking software, which we start and stop when working on tasks. These time logs are then rounded to the nearest 5 minute interval and added to a monthly timesheet with a description of what has been worked on within the time logged.

At the end of each month you will receive this timesheet, giving you a full breakdown of who has worked on what.


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