New Year Business Goals

New Year: Your Business Goals For 2023

by Amanda Harper

Business Goals For 2023

Here we are, 2023, a new year. Have you set your New Year resolutions? Very possibly, and most likely personal ones. But should this annual tradition be extended to your business? 

Right now you are hopefully full of ideas, with a newly acquired and further developed business survival skill set, having set goals, faced challenges head on, and committed at least some of the learning to the “experiences” part of your brain! 

But what if you’re not brimming with a drive and determination you want to unleash onto the world? Or feeling like you’ve just battled through unprecedented times, patting each other on the back for making it through another year? Whether you hit your goals and targets early in 2022 or slid over the line with your arms and legs flailing behind you, it’s now in the past, and 2023 is your new year of opportunity to get out there. 

Everyday Is A Fresh Start

Whatever your position, now is a good a time as ever to think about some business goals for 2023 and how this might impact business growth. Resolutions don’t all need to be big (let’s face it the resolutions that we are first to break are often the biggest changes). Whether you set your business goals annually or just want to lay down a one-off list of objectives, here are a few ideas we think would make a great addition to a master plan.

1. Make Your Digital Presence High Priority 

If the last few years have taught us anything, being online, blogging and having a professional website that catches your prospective client’s eye is a must. Just don’t mistake quantity for quality. 10 posts a week that are not relevant and don’t reflect you as a business aren’t likely to engage your new clients. So with that in mind, grab your marketing to do list, review it, and put all the things that you didn’t do in 2022 as 2023 priorities …

2. Develop Yours And Your Team’s Skills 

Was one of the first things you cut through the pandemic your training budget? If the answer is yes, investment in your people and their skills could now be an important priority. It’s very clear to see how the business world has evolved over the last few years and staying up to date in your particular industry is critical to your success. Not only will your business stay relevant, your people will appreciate your investment in them. Win, win. 

3. Business Relationships And Strategies

Are your relationships and services still in sync? If the answer is no, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate what your business offers and whether you are still niching in the right areas and to the right audience. A bit of competitor analysis could help you decide whether maintaining and investing time in a particular provision is a good idea. It’s not always easy letting go but for the benefit of your business it could be the barrier between success and failure. 

4. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule…

If it’s in your calendar, it’s so much harder to ignore, so use your digital calendar this year for all the one-off tasks you’ve been ‘getting around to’. Whilst daily activities can be bumped, continually ignoring that job you know you’ve been putting off is a no, no. Just think of that self-satisfaction you will experience when it’s done! Set a date and a time make that niggling task the hurdle in your day that you feel so much better having jumped. 

Team Brief New Year planning meeting

5. Meet Your Business Goals As A Team

Finally, and probably most importantly, know your business “why” and communicate it! If there’s one thing not to lose sight of, it is this. Soul search, honestly reflect, and write down your findings. A good ‘why’ will be clear and specific and will leave no-one unclear of their contribution to the bigger picture and their role in that. This will not only give your business direction, it will shape the priorities, and inspire individuals to be more creative, whilst connecting hearts and minds with your core values. 

Thank you for reading!

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