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An insight into the start of our journey and how we came to be

by Steph Oszczyk

The Start Of The Journey

I started my working life in Retail and subsequently progressed my way through the ranks, culminating in many years of successful store management. Retail provided me with a wealth of experience across a very broad range of key business areas, from determining customer patterns to aid in upselling and conversions, to fast paced project management. Meanwhile Ali was busy completing his degree in Computer Science, leading to a long career in a variety of web development roles working with a diverse range of businesses. We began working together on website projects in our spare time and found our complimentary blend of skills supported our work perfectly, enabling us to provide stylish, secure and scalable solutions.

Launching Our Business

After some successful ‘trial projects’ and business strategising we officially launched Appetising Development Ltd back in July 2020, with the mission to provide a quality service “our style”, taking time to build strong customer relationships, while keeping all the corners well and truly intact. As a start up venture, we understood just how hard it can be to get off the mark, and as such we thrived on helping people build their online presence and bringing their business to life.

The Start-Up Challenges

After many years working in various capacities, through our own company and previous roles, with SMEs and sole traders who were setting up and ‘going it alone’, we became all too aware that some of the biggest challenges faced by new directors and business owners are the back of house operations. From keeping their company alive on social media to organising their employee documents to researching the latest task management software; the additional duties seem endless, yet often so vital. And when getting to the start of your business it’s all too easy to feel you need to do it all.

Using Our Experience To Help Other Businesses

I’d spent many a year citing ‘transferable skills’ on my CV, and over time it has become clear to me that experience can be found and talents honed in all industries. My retail background fed into marketing and customer service, the journey through management developed administrative and team leading expertise, maternity leave bred patience like I never knew I could possess, and the world of web development opened my eyes up to just how much small businesses need small businesses.

As such, in mid 2022 we began offering remote admin support to our website clients, helping in a miscellany of tasks from drafting social posts and creating punchy price lists to report writing and online research. We started to expand the team in July, with the view to launch our trading name, Your Business Efficient – a virtual administration support service for small businesses. Our mission is to provide bespoke task assistance based on our clients’ actual business needs, giving them back their valuable time to focus on the bigger picture.

How We Can Help You In Your Business

If you’re a small business owner feeling the administrative burden, get in touch with us today to see if we can help lighten the load. For further information or to book a call to discuss how our services could support your business please contact us via email [email protected] or phone 07464047718

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